Friday, 10 February 2017

Green Building Concept in India: A Sustainable Solution!

From last few years, the Indian cities are suffering from the high levels of pollution and smog. Along with pollution, the country is progressing causing more harm and load on the environment. Thus, people are realizing the need for sustainable development and green construction to tackle the increasing level of pollution. There are also various other practical considerations that are being taken into account by the construction sector to bring a change. 

Sustainable Construction in India - Green Building Concept

As India is the third highest country in the world that is contributing to CO2 emissions, it becomes even more important that its industries and construction takes a green way to conserve the environment. Thus, the green building concept in India is becoming a force that will bring a considerable change in the real estate industry. High population is causing a more stress on the environment with the rapid growth of buildings, especially in urban cities. Many high-rise buildings are being constructed, causing more problems. 
As a result, these residential buildings have limited access to sunlight, depending mainly on artificial lighting that too for all day long. Also, they are not resistant to extreme heat outside, thus requiring the need for air conditioners in summers. All this is leading to high energy consumption. There is already a shortage of power generation in India and this rise in consumption will make the condition worse. So, whats the solution? Most of these problems can be solved by going green. Yes, sustainable construction in India will offer impressive results in conserving the environment. 

So, the buildings should adopt the green concept and it has already been started. But, the people have a perception that it increases the cost of construction, whereas the overall cost is less. How? Well, though the cost of making building eco-friendly increases, but the reduction in energy costs is higher, making it overall cheaper. There are already many prominent sustainable building in India, but encouraging this approach in residential buildings across the nation is the key to growth. 

Though, already many buildings are constructed using sustainable practices and have earned a green rating. Especially every Indian smart city should adopt this green concept, promoting sustainability. And as a buyer, its your duty to encourage developers to go green by investing in their projects. Even there are many schemes by state governments, inspiring this green moment. Its also important to know that the cost of going green offers long term benefits along with short ones. So, its a winning deal for all! Therefore, buy your first home in a sustainable building with a green rating system.

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